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About Me

I like to build the sandpit rather than play in it. My superpower is switching between first-principles thinking to throwing-spaghetti-at-wall creativity easily. I care deeply about the intersection between data science and preventive healthcare. This site is the bits to my atoms. A digital canvas where I share my opinions, projects and readings.

February 2022
Eucalyptus - A Healthcare Startup

By complete accident, I stumbled into the startup scene through a conversation on Earlywork. Spent the next 7 months at Eucalyptus - a digital healthcare startup. One of the steepest learning curves for me. What I did while I was there:

  • Helped build a growth engine that drove a 150% increase in organic non-paid, non-branded traffic to 20k/month
  • Built a statistically robust A/B testing pipeline that considered break-even periods and business costs unlike off-the-shelf solutions such as Google Optimise
  • Wrangled customer data to predict customers with high risk of churn and produce recommendations for retention optimisation

December 2021
Centenary Institute - Summer Research

I spent the summer re-discovering tensorflow, sklearn, pytorch and fastai. Diseased blood cell counts were still manual in pathology labs. The goal was to use an object detection model to perform automatic cell counts even on images with very small cells.

  • We used YOLOv5s with SAHI which allows you to slice images and sequentially inference
  • The bounding boxes of WBCs were then extracted and used to crop cells out.
  • These cropped cells were then passed through an image classifier.

December 2019
MissionMed. An edtech startup...

At 19 fresh out of high school, I started MissionMed. In my journey to gaining admission to medical school there was so much knowledge that was ‘un-documented’. My philosophy is if I've thought through a decision or been through a process, it should be documented somewhere for myself and others to access.

All the existing incumbents were unscalable service-based consultant business models. I knew I could productise the experience, standardise the quality AND with better margins.

Documenting my processes made it easy to hire contractors from Upwork to gradually offload my work. It still goes strong today.

  • Wrote my first book in Overleaf LaTeX
  • Convinced Dr. Jason Yu to jump on board
  • Directed and produced a whole video curriculum (I learned Premiere Pro and EpicLightMedia's youtube channel in the process)
  • Built the entire LMS in Wordpress & Learndash and custom HTML, JQuery, PHP, CSS
  • Grassroots growth-hacking, articles targeting long-tail SEO keywords and webinars to parents to generate leads
  • Wrote Python scripts to automate administrative tasks.
December 2019
Teaching Physics

I began teaching Physics and acquired some of the most useful interpersonal skills here - still do. Three main learnings:

  • First principles framework - made me generative rather than replicative
  • Precision of word choice - increasing information density of communication
  • Explanation toolkit - analogies, recognising reasoning fallacies

I built a site and designed an entire 4-term, 40 week Physics curriculum which you can find on this website.

T2X. The name of my first brand...
At 17, I got tired of expensive compression sleeves in a sport I loved - basketball. So T2X was born (triple double - I spent a whole week thinking of that). I designed my own logo, packaging and sourced my first deal with a sleeve printing and packaging manufacturers. This was my first taste of logistics hell. Sea freight was delayed and of course - I hadn’t accounted for the padding sponge of the compression sleeve expanding, in my box design, so it didn’t fit perfectly. Ended up selling 500 units at $26.99 each on my first ever online store. And yes... that is me modelling.
A periodic table app of all things...
At 16, I spent many frustrating evenings in 10th grade trying to memorise the periodic table. I hated all the apps that existed because they were all multiple choice. I decided to build an app that would help me memorise through typing out the name. Built in Unity and released it on the Play Store.

Tragically, it's valiant run was cut short by recent Google Play Developer Program policy changes. Funnily, the
The webdev and bitcoin days...
At 14, I was building websites for people on back when every gig was still $5. Yes, I charged $5 for a website so needless to say, I made my own templates and just changed the text on them for future clients.

Now of course, PayPal is not for under 18s, so I convinced someone on a forum call to pay me in Amazon gift cards and bitcoin after I transferred my Fiverr balance to their PayPal account. This was my first foray into cryptocurrency and I had something close to 2 bitcoins which was about $700-$800 at the time.
Where my memory realistically begins...
At 12 I was playing with Unity, building platformers. I would sell lollies and cup noodles to undercut my school canteen. I imported my first box of gaming mice with the money I saved up, to seniors.